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Alive Animals Export and Import, from and to any place in the world

Our mission is to export and import alive animals , providing all the essential services with specifics and efficients results, and satisfying exports and imports on a quick, neat and sure way.

World Horses s.r.l. is a corporation specialized in horse’s transportation, independently of the horse’s breed; Pure Blood Race Horses, Pole, Arab, Trotter, Ponies, Falabella, Jump, from anywhere in Argentina to any place in the world.

During the history, we’ve work with any kind of animals, like pedigree dogs, birds, cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.
To export any kind of breed.
Always offer the best service.
Give information to our client about the tracking of the transportation.
Mode of transportation

By air
Ground transportation
Sea transportation
We are supported by years in the equine business. Quality, speed and trust are our company qualities.
We count on customs agents on all the county prepared for any operations.
Privates veterinaries for the individual care of the horse.
We personally attend the Export / Import to guarantee the care of the horses.
Private veterenary presence in each Export (optional) as well as an official vetrerinary from SENASA.
Grooms availables in Air, Sea and Ground transportation.
Possibility of foreign/outside quarantine in Pilar.
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